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For Sale As-Is

Thinking of selling your home “AS-IS?” Consider these 2 factors first!

“As-is” is a solution when you have a lack of funds for repairs and for sellers who need to move quickly, such as for a job relocation or any other urgent reason. Be aware, however, that the “as-is” condition mentioned in a listing can raise red flags with both buyers and their agents. Let’s take a look at two things to consider if you’re thinking of selling your home “as-is.”

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Things to Consider When Selling Your House (Spring 2022)

Trying to decide when to sell? If so, you likely want to time it just right so you can get the most out of the sale of your current house and know you’re making a good investment when you buy your next home. You may not realize that the opportunity to get the best of both worlds is already here. Here’s why.

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2022 Spring Buyers Guide

Things to Consider When Buying a Home (Spring 2022)

The 1st day of Spring is a little over 2 weeks away! However, if you are considering buying a home, our Spring 2022 Home Buyer Guide is ready. You can download it for FREE. On the other hand, if you are planning to sell a home, check out my 2022 Spring Home Seller’s Guide!

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